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Get Fit

Get Fit specializes in the proper fit of footwear, sports bras, apparel, and accessories for runners, walkers, and the fitness enthusiast. Our expert staff will perform a visual gait analysis to determine the best footwear for your foot type and activity. Get Fit wants to help you set and achieve your goals and provides education about injuries, training schedules, and race preparation.

Get Moving

We offer several training classes throughout the year, ranging from a Newbie 5K class that includes walking and running to a half marathon class.  Our classes are separated into groups based on your starting fitness level.  They meet twice a week and each group is led by a coach who guides you through the workout.  Our goal is to help you reach your goals, whether that is to complete your first 5K, set a PR,  or increase your distance.

Get Healthy

Proper hydration and nutrition are vital components of getting healthy and staying healthy. It is important to your fitness to keep track of how much you eat and drink and when you ingest it. On average, running burns 100 calories per mile, but the benefits of running are no excuse for a poor diet—don't think you get to eat cake and ice cream just because you ran three miles! Smart choices and moderation will help you in your quest for good health.